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Weddings & Celebrations

Wedding & Celebration Framing Ideas

For one of the most important occasions of your life, choose elegant framing that will preserve and protect your Ketubah for generations to come. We use only archival framing methods on Ketubahs and wedding licenses to protect and preserve. Ketubahs can come in a variety of mediums. Over the years, we’ve seen ketubahs in watercolor, color pencil, pastel, digital pigment print and more. Our framers are educated in archival treatments for all types of works on paper, so we know what materials and processes to use when framing your unique ketubah. Whether your style is opulent or minimal, our designers understand the importance of displaying your ketubah beautifully.


While a Ketubah is a traditional marriage contract, the document itself can vary greatly depending on the specific couple. The contract can be printed on simple legal paper, or some people have them designed on watercolor paper with deckled edges. Our design and treatment of the piece will depend on how the Ketubah was designed. We can frame them similar to a document, with a mat covering the edges, or show the entire Ketubah by floating it on top of a mat. Your unique Ketubah should be framed according to your specific style. Let our designers help you find the perfect frame.

Framed wedding invitations make great wedding gifts. Framed photos with mats that your guests sign make fantastic gifts. Even if we can’t be there to direct your guests, our creative framers build a frame and signature mat that ensures your guests sign where they’re supposed to. We have done framing for many special events and take care to make the project beautiful during the event and beautiful for years to come. We know that wedding planning can be stressful, so we are happy to accommodate your schedule as best we can. At the Framer’s Workshop, we’ll help to make your event perfect and then preserve the memory.

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