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Commercial Framing

Complete Commercial Services 

Small Jobs to Major Projects
For businesses, institutions, and non-profits, we provide comprehensive framing services, from individual awards to large-scale corporate projects.

We regularly frame (and ship, if needed) individual items for local businesses and non-profits.

We also have extensive experience working on major 
projects for some of the best known Silicon Valley Corporations.  Our team collaborates with yours to create cohesive framing solutions that reflect your organization's identity.
Project Collaboration

Our team will meet with yours either in person or online to understand the scope of your project. Once an agreement is finalized, we can:

  • Review the project materials, including interior designer's themes, and colors, and architects' floorpans and elevations.

  • Inspect the site for potential installation obstructions not indicated on the architects' elevations.

  • Search for and propose art for specific locations or themes, including custom designed, site-specific art.

  • Visualize  proposed artwork for decision markers. 

  • We can print and mount images up to 44" x 66".

Completion, Delivery, and Installation 

Once the art selection and framing designs have been finalized we can:

  • Order and or produce artwork selected

  • Frame the artwork and package it for delivery, including installation location codes on the packaging

  • Coordinate pickup and delivery of the framed artwork

  • And oversee the the artwork's instalation.

The slideshow shows examples of commercial and non-profit projects we have collaborated on over the past three decades.

Get in

Have a question or need a personal framing design consultation?  Give us a call at  (510)  849–4444 during business hours or or use the form below.

HOURS: 10 AM to 6 PM Mondays through Saturdays. Noon to 6 PM Sundays.

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