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3D Object Framing

We Fame More Than Pictures!

"Picture Framing" implies framing a two-dimensional surface, typically paper or canvas. At The Framer's Workshop, we also frame collectible objects needing to be both showcased and protected. We take great care to enhance the look of the object while providing protection from handling, dust and damaging UV light. 

If you have an object or set of objects you'd like to protect and display, bring them into our shop and we'll be happy to discuss both the aesthetic and structural options available.

Shadowbox Framing

A shadowbox allows for the most depth in a frame. We can either create walls on the interior of the frame that allow the three dimensional object to be displayed without being touched by the glazing, or create depth behind matting to have the object look recessed into the frame.

Even seemingly "random" objects can be assembled into a shadowbox. If you want to preserve a specific person or time period, bring in your items and we can use our framing skills to re-create a story.

A collection of items used by our grandparents.
A car made from a match box.
Acrylic Box Framing

Acrylic box framing allows objects to be displayed and viewed from more than one point of view. In some instances they stand upright on a base, allowing a 360° view.

The slideshow, below, shows the wide variety of things we've framed over the years. 

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