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The Framer's Workshop — 2439 Channing Way, Berkeley, CA 94704
Phone: (510) 849–4444  |  Hours: Monday–Saturday: 10AM–6PM •  Sunday: Noon–6PM

First hour free parking above our shop in the Tellegraph-Channing Parking Garage
—except during CAL Game times.
Picture Framing Stories: Every picture tells a story.
Here are a few you've shared with us.
Dan Hubbard Daphne White Clay Akiwenzie
Dan Hubbard came in to replace a broken piece of glass on a water color and told us this story: "I met the artist 31 years ago here at Framer's Workshop. She was framing another piece of hers and I was framing a wedding gift at the same table. She and I married thanks to The Framer's Workshop!" Daphne White framed this glass-on-glass mosaic piece. It is a commission for a wedding anniversary. "The blue glass was broken under-foot during the Jewish wedding ceremony. The staff of the Framer's Workshop was super friendly and super helpful at every stage from frame selection to putting the tricky piece together. They were not phased by the technique or technical difficulties!" Clay Akiwenzie framed a butterfly painting he purchased in New Orleans for his daughter: "The staff were so friendly and enthusiastic. My daughter, Celeste, 4, picked out the frame and it really came out beautifully."
Alfred Marealle
Alfred Marealle told us this story, "This is a photograph of my great-grandfather, Chief Marealle I, taken around 1814 in Tanzania, East Africa, on the foot of Mount. Kilimanjaro. He was the first chief of Chagga tribe, at age 20. I liked the whole process of framing. I learned a lot from Jessica who is great at what she does." Shawn Soderstein framed two special photographs and a wishbone that split evenly for the first year of her relationship. "We came in together to chose the mat, frame and fabric for behind the wishbone. We found the staff patient and helpful and got the look and feel we wanted. Kasey Garfinkel (age 6) and her mom, Ariana, framed three of Kasey's paintings. "I couldn't wait to see how they looked in a frame. I love art and painting! I like the frames at the shop. They're pretty and the people helping are very nice!"
Chloe Castro holding her painting "Saint" Tamara Taves Sara Frucht

Chloe Castro is an artist and objects conservator in Oakland. She framed several pieces of her works on paper, including Saint. "Even from walking in the door the first time, The Framer's Workshop was a joy! I didn't feel rushed when I was hemming & hawing over different color mat boards & was even encouraged to look at as many as possible. And the girl who helped me, Sam, was the most patient as I took my time DIYing my frames. I can't wait to come back!"

Tamara Taves brought in a print, "Legend," by a Detroit based street artist, Flaco Shalom. She chose a red "glitter" frame and a light turquoise acid free mat. "I love that this print has found a festive place inside my world. The Framer's Workshop is magnificent. So much creativity. My artwork always looks unique and fabulous. Their service is brilliant!!" Sara Frucht will be showing 20 acrylic paintings (17 originals and 3 giclees) at the Mildred Owens Concert Hall, which is part of the Sanchez Art Center, located at 1220A Linda Mar Blvd. in Pacifica, CA. The opening reception is on Friday, July 11, 2014, 7-9pm. For more information, see Sarah's web site! About us she says, "I have been getting my framing done at the Framer's Workshop for over 30 years and really appreciate their convenience, friendliness, helpful advice and the high quality of their work. It doesn't hurt that they seem to really like my paintings!"
Debbie Emery Jimmy Shamieh Ben
Debbie Emery brought us this collage and disassembled coffee wood frame from an artist at Gibb’s Farm in Tanzania. “The paper is made from recycled banana stems and scrap materials from a tailor," she said. "The farm encourages recycling to avoid burning rubbish. The piece is entitled People They Dances. The Framer’s Workshop joined the pieces of wood to make the frame and then we matted it and put it behind glass. The staff were very helpful and friendly, and made the project a cinch!" Jimmy Shamieh, the owner of CREAM ice cream store at the Corner of Telegraph and Channing Way, asked us to frame two collections of notes from community schools & organizations he has donated time and materials to. "Thank you notes from generous people with great big hearts is its own pleasure. CREAM hopes to bring the community some smiles and fun. Thanks for the great arrangement!" Check out CREAM's all natural gourmet ice cream sandwiches and you'll understand the long lines outside this soon to be legendary shop. Ben Jenkins framed this sheet of $1 bills. "My father worked for the treasury department and got this when I was born so I'm framing it in remembrance of him. The Framer's Workshop is great! Great help figuring out what frame and matting to use and the custom framer's did an excellent job!"
Sarah Christensen Jeff Pelo Karen Lyons
Sarah Christensen framed a broadside by the writer, artist and paper maker Helen Hiebert: "I have long loved Helen's work and had been eying one of her broadsides at the Codex International Book Fair in previous years. At this year's Codex, I finally bought one. It is of a beloved and meaningful poem by William Stafford entitled The Way It Is. The broadside is printed on abaca paper and embedded with a string drawing. I entrusted this to The Framer's Workshop as they have framed art for me in the past and they are so lovely to work with. They don't overwhelm you with suggestions, yet are serious about getting it right. The Framer's Workshop staff show not only great respect for the work one brings in, but for the customer as well. Jeffrey Pelo had saved up a box of 15 images he wanted to frame for his office. "Framer's Workshop has a great, knowledgeable and talented crew! I should know, I worked here 30 years ago and I'm still coming back!" Karen Lyons framed this New Orleans Jazz Fest Poster featuring Trombone Shorty. "My annual trips to Jazz Fest make me so happy, I wanted to feel that way in my living room," she said. When asked what she liked most about the shop she said, "The special, personalized attention. They loved my poster as much as I do. They are experts!"
Carmelle Knudsen Woody Taunsend Neha Kamden

Carmelle Knudsen framed this copy of the Star Spangled Banner. The original had been in her family since 1914 when it had been used by a Congressional Working Committee for the creation of the official version in 1914. The original was donated to Fort McHenry National Monument.

Woody Tausend framed this page from an 1863 Vicksburg Mississippi news paper printed on the back of wall paper. We cut an opening into the backing so some of the wall paper pattern could be seen (top left). "This was given to me 40 years ago by my grandmother," Woody told us. "The Framer's Workshop did a good job making it look better and insuring it will remain intact for the future." Neha Kamdar's close friend created this birth announcement for her daughter. Nina. When Neha came in to frame it for Nina's room she thought she would buy a simple ready-made frame. However with our help she found a one-of-a-kind ready-made and an on-sale remnant mat board that perfectly matched the colors in the announcement and Nina's room. She was delighted to frame-it-herself with a custom design at ready-made prices!
Chenoa Grace Alfredo Sainz Pat Paterson
Painter, Chenoa Grace had 10 original oil paintings on board she needed framed for a show. "Everyone is so helpful and kind here. I brought my kids and they were given crayons and mat board to draw on. The frames are great quality and the prices were just right!” You can visit her web site by clicking here. Alfredo Sainz said, "This is my first painting, painted on an old map. A gift for my cousin. The whole Framer's Workshop team was helpful, knowledgeable. They went above and beyond what you might expect in taking the painting to the next level and making the do-it-yourself framing process both easy and fun." Photographer Patricia Patterson emailed us this picture: "I cant believe it but I had a buyer for my barbershop image on DAY 1 of my 5 day art show in the Kaiser lobby! What a difference a frame makes. The print looks so professional and people are glaring at the subject in disbelief. I love how you all worked with me to choose the best option. Wow, what a great experience I had Sunday end of day with you all helping me...then to show it off on Monday was so fun!!!!
Maggie and Sara Hougan Maggie and Sara Hougan Stannard Family
Maggie and Sara Hogan framed a photograph of Maggie's brother, Patrick. Maggie, age 4, pulled out the staples by herself. She cleaned the glass, cut the wire, did the tape, put on the paper backing and sanded it to fit. Sara is a photographer and framed this photo as an example of her work. You can see more examples of Sara's photography at The Stannard family, Robert, Kathy, John and Lisa were recruited for an efficient assembly line framing of six Yosemite photographs by Ansel Adams. Lisa says, "Thanks for the expert instructions. Having all the right tools is awesome! The sticky-sticks are the best invention ever!"
Mike Paunovich Tracy Krunzak
Regular customer, Mike Paunovich, brought us a special project: "I brought in a small 'orange crate' label advertising "Mike Grapefruit" and had Framer's scan it and print it out much larger for my new kitchen. The print has special meaning not only because my name is "Mike" but also because the grapefruit are from the Indian River area of Florida where my grandparents live." Tracy Kronzak framed this vintage Gay Rights poster: "I collected this at the end of the 1993 March on Washington, a weekend I'll never forget. It was one of the only undamaged March Posters we found. By we, I mean the 8 of us who drove down and were all sleeping in the basement of a friend's family's house near DC to get to this historic event. Framer's Workshop has taken are of my special art and prints for four years. They have a caring and smart staff!" Michael Kucharski -- "I framed a stained glass piece that I made at The Stained Glass Garden in Berkeley. This was my first stained glass project.  The design is an Irish knot, a tribute to my Irish grandfather to remember him by. My experience at The Framer’s Workshop was unbelievable. I had professional advice from several people there who all took time with me, and they went out of their way to secure an amazing fit for my stained glass. We chose a solid cherry two sided frame with a channel for the stained glass, so the fit was crucial."
Beatrice Goldberg JIll L'Esperance Danielle Shimizu

Jeff's mom, Beatrice Goldberg, says: "Kirstie framed this for me for Valentine's day. It is a grouping of photographs of grandkids and great-grandkids arranged in a mat spelling out GRANDMA. I have it hanging in my apartment and all my visitors comment on it. It is really a great present! The Framer's Workshop does beautiful work and I always appreciate their kindness when I visit."

Jill L'Esperance had this 1930’s blueprint custom framed. Jill says, “My daughter’s boyfriend’s family once owned a kerosene lantern manufacturing business, The Dietz Company. While cleaning an attic, the family recently came across a series of antique product blueprints. This is the first in a series that we plan to frame. This one is a plan for a kerosene lantern, and is dated 1934. I brought this in for framing because I can count on you to take extra special care of my artwork and by framing it you turn it into something beautiful and permanent.” Danielle Shimizu framed two Grateful Dead prints: "I framed two vintage Grateful Dead prints I acquired from a friend as a Christmas gift for my boyfriend. Both of them are original prints from The Fillmore in San Francisco. It was so nice being a part of the framing process. Everyone was so helpful. They gave great recommendations for mats and frames and helped me choose the best materials to preserve the prints. I actually had fun!"
When my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer, I contacted an adult "dream wish" organization ( to have her receive a phone call from her favorite performer, Tony Bennett. They went to work on my behalf and although they were unable to arrange a phone call due to his schedule, this numbered lithograph, signed "To June, with pleasure, Tony Bennett" came shortly after. My mother was beside herself with joy. She'd long wanted a piece of his artwork but it was beyond her financial reach. The piece was so exquisite that there was only ONE person and place I trusted with this treasure and that was Kirstie at The Framer's Workshop. I do not have a trained eye and totally trusted her to frame it "as if she were putting it in her home." She spent a LONG time trying out molding after molding, taking pictures of the final choices to see how it would look. With her experienced eye, she could tell if a molding was too big, too busy, not wide enough, not the right color, and so on. My mother is so ill that Kirstie rushed it through within two days so that my mom can enjoy it for as many days as she has left. I am so happy with the results, I have placed the piece under lighting, and it draws "gasps" from those who come to visit. Thank you so much for helping with completing my mom's dream. --Rosie Simms

Mike Paunovich framed a "Light Modulator" painted by bay area artist, F. Michael Wells. "Michael is a long-time friend and I'm fortunate to have several of his paintings. I framed this one in a 'floater' frame because it is important to see the globby edges of the canvas. There is an incredible selection at Framer's Workshop and the pro-framers help you narrow down the options so you can stay within your budget and leave with a frame you love."

Charlote Diamant Davis Restoration Julia Morris

Charlotte Diamant framed a picture of the San Francisco Bay that she drew for her grandfather's 90th birthday. "It was a sketch of a view out our window that turned into something really good," she says. "Morgan helped us and was really helpful and knowledgeable. She gave her design advice but also let us experiment with our own framing ideas. It turned out great!"

Regina Davis had a VERY damaged photograph of her mother that she wanted restored. The original had been framed without a mat and the photo emulsion had stuck to the glass. "This is a photo of my mother when she had a beautiful, toothy smile. I wanted to see if it could be salvaged and enlarged. I'm amazed with this restoration!” Learn More about our Digital Photo Restoration HERE. Jullia Morris framed this print from another era: "In the 1960s my friend, Eric, made this print in the hopes of selling it. Another company took it and made it more psychedelic. It sold worldwide. Eric never made a penny but he had 3 prints left and sent one to me. I immediately thought of the The Framers Workshop as they have done all my framing for years. I knew they would come up with the perfect design.
Magda Lynette Naidhardt Molly McArdle

Children love framing their artwork at The Framer's Workshop. Magda chose this black ready-made frame with a white mat to frame her sea scape. "I framed my pastel drawing to make my bedroom more interesting and colorful," she says. "I made my drawing at ArtWorks Fine Arts Studio in San Francisco. I loved working with Elisabeth at the shop. It was a lot of fun!

Lynette Neidhardt, owner of Zeta Design, framed several of her watercolors for an upcoming exhibition. "LOVED IT! I loved working with Sheela and Morgan and the pieces turned out so great. Thanks for superior help and advice!"

One of our youngest do-it-yourself framing customers,
Molly McArdle says, "I framed this painting that I made and call it Girl in the Sunset Whirlwind. I really enjoyed framing it and it was really fun!"

Eric and Leslie Lynice Pinkard Colin Deans
Eric & Leslie, two of our do-it-yourself customers say, “Today we framed a painting that Eric did for Leslie for Valentine’s Day. We had a great time today, not only getting our piece framed, but learning and participating in the process. Yay for power tools!” "These are photographs from my parent's wedding. I framed them because I wanted to use them as a way to tell a story. It shows a biracial couple and I do a lot of work around multiculturalism. My family lays the foundation for that work. I love this place. You’ve done a lot of nice work for me in the past few months. The jazz photos came out amazing!” -- Lynice Pinkard

"On Christmas Eve, Colin Deans came in with his brother and sister in law's wedding vows, hand written on two 4x6 note cards. He wanted to frame them on a map of Morocco where they met. But the note cards were written on both sides. We scanned them, collaged them with a map, printed the collage and helped him frame it within an hour. Colin says, "The Framer's Workshop team was able to handle my request without any drama. The finished product is excellent and the price was very reasonable. Thank you!"

Virginia Cafree Ruby J. A. Ellis Harris Norwood

Virginia Coffre, a room parent at St. Paul’s Episcopal School of Oakland, brought in two sets of art on papyrus for framing. Virginia explains, “The 6th grade students at St. Paul’s created these small papyrus pieces. They have been studying Ancient Egypt and Hieroglyphics and created two of these projects for the school’s annual fundraiser, Oaktown, on March 13, 2010. I just love how you were so enthusiastic about putting the class project together.“

Ruby J. A. Ellis framed five of her watercolor paintings and one of her block prints for an up-coming group exhibition at her tattoo shop, Ruby Tattoo. Ruby says, "This is the art I make for myself, not my clients!! Thanks for the help, I learned some great stuff!" Susi Harris and Brenna Norwood framed this print of Adam Hughe's "Leia" as a surprise birthday gift for 'dad'. They chose an art nouveau frame to complement the style of the artist's style. "We had a fun day here at The Framer's Workshop with the great, helpful staff. We'll be back!"
Leonor Hurtado
Guatemalan painter Leonor Hurtado loves sailing. She painted this enamel on copper, "to capture the joy and freedom," she feels sailing with her partner. Of the Framer's Workshop she says, "The people are very nice and try to help you as much as possible." Leonor has also designed greeting cards for the Food First, Institute for Food & Development Policy. Frank and Michal Zimring brought in several Chinese primitive style art pieces. Frank says, “These are two of our favorite Chinese country paintings. We have a very large collection. The Great Wallis by Feng Ai Dong in the Tian Jin style, and the blue village scene is a Huxian style gouache painting. We have collected many more paintings and would be happy to show some to interested buyers.”
9 year old Henry D Williams and Sister Anne Willis Williams Tom Coates
After having a photograph of herself and her brother restored, Anne Williams emailed us with this story –"I wanted you to know what an impact your photo restoration work has had for us. The picture is now on display at an exhibition at the African American Museum and Library through October. It will also appear in a book by Donna Murch entitled,  Living for the City, to be released in October 2010. I've been giving interested parties your contact information as they are so impressed with the excellent work you did to restore the picture. Perhaps, if you have time, you can visit the museum. It is located in Oakland, open Tuesday-Saturday 12noon-5. Thanks again for your great work." To learn more about our digital restoration services, be sure to see our Restoration page! Tom Coates framed scenes from two of his favorite movies, Mars Attacks and Jurassic Park (not shown) for his home cinema. "Beautiful job. I enjoyed working with Kirstie figuring out the right framing and matting. I have a movie theater in my house so these will give it a fun, cinematic look." Amber and Andrew Gardner used a Paul Dominguez painted frame to frame a black and white photograph of Bliss Dancer from Burning Man 2010. "Bliss Dancer was a gorgeous steel art piece that seduced us at the Playa. It is our Valentine's gift to each other! We love the shared experience of making art with art."
Ginger McCleskey Sara Frucht
Ginger McCleskey framed this reproduction of Maurice Denis' The Muses, a Post-Impressionist masterpiece from the Musée D'Orsay. I was pleased with the service and thrilled with the finished product! The framer who helped me found a perfect match for this challenging print. We used a scrap of fabric mat so it was a bargain and looks beautiful!" Sara Frucht is donating two paintings to the San Francisco Lyrics Chorus auction: "SFLC is having an auction/performance on Sunday and allowing me to show more of my work. I always appreciate the expert help I get at The Framer's Workshop. The Do-It-Yourself framing is a great deal. They are very friendly and probably spend way too much time helping me!" Peter Kurn framed an interesting document that will be signed as a gift. Peter said, “The design is based on a university degree commemorating twenty years of work helping people with disabilities in UNIX and GNU/Linux software. The light background text is from various accessibility programs the recipients wrote. I’ve known and used the shop for over twenty years. It was the first place I thought of for framing. Jeanette was incredibly helpful and did a rush job for me, complete with packaging for shipping.”
Jon Funabiki
Rebecca Buckley framed a painting in memory of her mother. "This painting is by Anna Wu Weakland. It was done for my mother many years ago. Mom had it on her dresser intending to frame it when she died unexpectedly last summer. She loved this painting and would have been delighted to see the beautiful mat and frame that set it off. Now my daughters and I will enjoy it in our home as a wonderful reminder of my mom."
Jon Funabiki of the Renaissance Journalism Center, framed photographs by Catherine Karnow, taken as part of the RJC's Vietnam Reporting Project. The photographs document the affects of Agent Orange on the Vietnamese people. Jon says, "Thanks for the terrific guidance and quality work!" Two photos taken by Lisa Regelman while on vacation in New Zealand in January. One is of bucolic sheep grazing on a hillside and the other is of an ice cave in a glacier. "Both represent two very different and unique aspects of the beauty of the South Island and bring back great memories of our trip," says Lisa. Speaking of the help she received here at Framer's she said, "Elizabeth was so friendly and helpful -- made me feel like a framing rock star!"
Jan Singer Dennis Hogan Sally Fairfax
The mother-daughter framing team of Jan Singer and Rebecca Gluck visited us on President’s Day. Jan says, “I framed my daughter’s high school diploma for posterity and to recognize a great accomplishment. I also framed one of her 4th grade projects, a painting of Mission Santa Barbara. It’s always a pleasure to come here and I especially enjoyed introducing my daughter to the process.” "We framed a photograph that we bought in the Blue Haron Gallery in Napa. The photographer, Dennis Hogan, uses an interesting technique using a multi-color printer. We have always framed here at the Workshop, and we will be back because we just found another photograph that we would like to frame very soon. Great work." -- John and Susan Stone Sally Fairfax framed these wedding gifts she crafted herself. "These are fused glass pieces I made for a wedding present. They show the bride's front and back yards."
Jim Fishman
Charles Fuller brought in a three dimensional T Shirt for framing. Charles says, “Best Friend Forever (BFF) wanted a souvenir from Harlem. Hard item to come by. Subway to W125th & Frederick Douglas Blvd, walked down 125th past the Apollo, and found an outside vendor selling T shirts of her own design from the back of her car. I’m a repeat customer at The Framer’s Workshop. I always come away with aesthetic, really exceptional framing.” Steve Schwartzberg used a rustic, antique window frame with sill to mat a grouping of his wildlife photography and put them behind glass: "This project is a birthday present for my sister. The photos are from trips my wife and I took to Alaska, Japan and Madagascar. The Framer's Workshop is a wonderful place to have my work framed. I learn about framing and color every time I come here. Great folks!" Jim says, "I love framing my own art at The Framer's Workshop. It's homey, fun, economical, and supportive. Every time I leave the shop, I drive back to San Francisco with a beautifully framed art work and an open-hearted experience." -- Jim Fishman, psychotherapist & self-trained artist from San Francisco.
Earl Perkins Gene Dominique Berkeley Camera C;ub
Pictured here is Earl Perkins with two pieces about to be framed. Earl says, "I am framing a birthday name mat for my niece and a wedding mat for my nephew. I’ve been coming here for 19 years. The employees are exceptionally helpful and knowledgeable about what they do. They are really talented. It’s a pleasure to come in and the work is unbelievable." Larry Vitale told us, “This signed and numbered limited edition print by Tin Shao Kuang from China, was commissioned by the United Nations to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The artist printed only 1000 of these commemorative prints. I have had my art framed at The Framer’s Workshop for years. I strayed away for a while, but after comparing the quality of workmanship and service, I am back here for good. The selection, care, and appreciation for art will keep me coming back.” Gene Dominique, is a member of The Berkeley Camera Club. Gene framed two of his photos, one taken in Siena and a macro shot of a lily. The Berkeley Camera Club will display 24 photographs in downtown Berkeley during the spring, and these will be part of the display. Gene says, “ The folks at The Framer’s Workshop are always so creative, helpful, and generous with their assistance. It is a pleasure to come here.”
Catherine and Hannah Roth
Watercolorest Eileen Libby says, “Today I framed two pieces for the California Watercolor Association show at John Muir Hospital in Walnut Creek. I am a plein air watercolor painter and I love trying to capture the beauty of landscapes. It is always a great experience to finish the design process here with the help of fresh eyes to choose mats and frames. It is great to have a last-minute resource, and I bring cookies! My great-aunt Vi told me to come here years ago!” Catherine & Hanna Roth, pictured here together for a mother-daughter DIY project. "We framed a painting by my Aunt Meirah, a cartoon of Project Runway, and an old 1958 ad from Bimbo's. Our experience here was wonderful! Much more fun than expected. Great help with picking mats and frames! Catherine has been coming here since 1977, and this was Hanna's first time." Chris Bustos says “This is a photopolymer plate mono-print of a Tahitian “motu,” a little island on the barrier reef surrounding one of the main islands. It is a gift for my little sister Norma. I will definitely come back here. It really is a workshop and learning the framing techniques with Paris was a lot of fun. It’s empowering to frame your own art.”
Grace Villarin Duenas Steve Wallace
Grace Villarin Duenas framed nine pieces at The Framer's Workshop today! Grace says, "My photos, which I developed myself, were taken in 2001 in San Francisco. One is black and white and the other is hand-toned sepia. They are part of a series of six documentary photos. I love coming to The Framer's Workshop because framing my photography is an extension of creating my own work." Steve Wallace finished a do-it-yourself framing project yesterday. Steve says, “I framed a greyhound print for my nephew. He loves speed so the greyhound seemed appropriate. This is a great shop. I have framed so many things here that I have no more wall space!” Ivette Fuentes says, “I framed a photograph I took at the Chihuly exhibit, at the de Young Museum in San Francisco.  I was fortunate that the museum allowed photographs to be taken (without flash).  I love taking photographs reflecting extraordinary images. Great service and advice at The Framer’s Workshop. You help the photographer display her/his art in the most positive and exceptional way. You can see some of my photos here. When completed, my web site will be at this address:
Jana Treat  
Jana Treat of Reflections Hair Design in El Cerrito: "I had The Framer's Workshop make my dog, Maggie into Pop Art! Now she hangs in my salon and is a big star. I am so pleased with my new pop art picture. The framing is perfect! It looks amazing on the wall of my salon. Thanks!" One of our more unusual framing stories was brought to us by a mom who prefers to remain anonymous: "I framed this fake ID as a 21st birthday gift for my son. I took the ID away when I caught him using it and am returning it to him now that it is no longer useful! Elizabeth helped me choose the right ready-made frame, mount and background for my 'art' and she helped me in the framing process as well."