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Welcome to

The Framer's


Custom Framing Design Studio
       In Berkeley, CA

          In business since 1977, The Framer's Workshop is a unique family-owned Berkeley tradition. We've enjoyed framing tens of thousands of pictures, works of art, keepsakes, and collectibles, giving our customers a way to both artfully display and preserve the things that bring them happiness. We've learned that every frame tells a story, and we're here to help you tell yours.

          Our specialty is custom picture framing that transforms your visions into reality. But that's not all…

Our expertise goes beyond
              traditional framing…

           We understand the importance your framing projects (big and small) have for you. Almost everything we frame is more than simply a picture or object—it is something you value—perhaps even treasure. Something you want to display, feel proud of, enjoy, and preserve.


We know everything we frame is more than just a picture or object—it's a story, a memory, something you value, a piece of history to be enjoyed now and preserved for the future.

That's why we're here, to help you every step of the way. Our designers will help you find the perfect design combination that is attractive, enhances whatever you are framing, and fits your style—all while keeping an eye on its preservation.


Our attention to your framing project's unique design needs, and use of conservation framing materials, crafted with precision, attention to detail, and care—guarantee that when you get your finished work home and on the wall, you'll feel—"This is perfect! Exactly what I hoped it would be."

We have decades of experience designing and framing
              almost anything you can imagine: 

  • Photographs: From snapshots and selfies to fine art and collectible gelatin silver prints or cyanotypes. We can also print your digital files using our 44" Epson Surecolor printer.

  • Paintings: Whether oil or acrylic on stretched canvas, watercolor on paper, or gouache on board—even encaustics on wood panels—we have standard, floater, and closed-corner frames. We specialize in large and oversized works that other framers can't handle. Have a canvas that needs stretching? We can do that!

  • Prints & Drawings on paper: Have you ever wished your mom had framed one of your drawings from when you were a kid? We've framed many—and so much more. Everything from doodles on napkins, charcoal portraits, and pastel landscapes to elegantly subtle silverpoint drawings. And of course, we've framed signed original woodblocks, letterpress, serigraphs, lithographs, etchings, mezzotints, and aquatints—as well as prized documents and diplomas.

  • Needle, Fabric & Textile Art: We've framed a large, fragile antique tatted lace tablecloth, an American flag from the Civil War era,  an Olympic flag for Cal Crew, a child's nightgown, and hundreds of needlepoints, embroideries, Huichol yarn paintings, tapestries, silk scarves, batiks, and vintage handkerchiefs.

  • 3D Objects: We've framed ivory miniatures, rare coins, awards, and military medals. We've framed bottles of whiskey, mountain climbing axes, wing-tip shoes, rare painted porcelains, old vinyl records, a special golf ball and magazine, a CAL Home Base, and a prized matchbox car!

  • Animation Cels: Collectable hand-painted animation cels require special handling due to their fragility but they are one of our specialties.

  • Sports Jerseys & Memorabilia: Have established a reputation for framing Jerseys along with other items such as tickets, photographs, and team logos. 

We do more than framing, too!

  • As mentioned above, we can do large (up to 44" in width by any length) format printing. We can also vacuum-mount on foamboard up to 44x66'

  • We do high-resolution digital scanning and digital restoration of photographs and documents.

  • High-resolution digital scanning

  • We build all our ready-made frames in-house. The majority are standard ready-made sizes in traditional frame styles but we also have unique one-of-a-kind decorator frames you can't find anywhere else,

  • We build our ready-made frames in-house and have many that are unique and one-of-a-kind as well as traditional frames in standard sizes.

  • We showcase a collection of signed Yoshiko Yamamoto Letterpress prints,  David Lance Goinesprints, and an ever-changing selection of Motawi Tiles.

The list goes on and on! Whether you're a collector,  enthusiast, local artist, or someone looking to add a personal touch to your home—or a Bay Area institution or Business (large or small) with a deadline to meet, contact us—or, better yet, step into our world!

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