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"Winter Magnolia," Miniature Letterpress Print by Yoshiko Yamamoto. This miniature print is framed as shown with an acid-free solid-core mat, foam core backing, acrylic glazing, and a wood frame. 


Yoshiko Yamamoto is a premier block printer who has merged the aesthetic of Japan's Edo period with the style of post-industrial England's Arts and Crafts Movement. Yamamoto's block prints are letterpress printed using hand-cut blocks on acid-free paper.


Letterpress printing is a relief print process. The printed image is produced by a raised surface (originally lead movable type) being inked and then impressed onto a sheet of paper. These raised surfaces have historically been anything from woodcuts to wood engravings, from linocuts to typefaces. Over the past several years, a new type of plate made from photopolymer has contributed to the revival of letterpress printing. Yoshiko Yamamoto uses all of these methods, from wood and linoleum block to photopolymer plates.

Winter Magnolia, Miniature Letterpress Print by Yoshiko Yamamoto

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