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Sold framed only. Hand-glazed 6x8" Motawi tile, black hardwood frame (Ash), hanging hardware. See more information about the frame in the slides. 


Ceramic Tile produced by Motawi Tileworks. Handcrafted wood frame produced by The Framer’s Workshop.


Artist Yoshiko Yamamoto is a self-taught block printmaker who strives to fuse Japanese design sensibility with fine craftsmanship. Yamamoto's bold prints work well as raised-line tile design. Yamamoto's graceful, swaying scenes bring the clay to life.


Near San Luis Obispo, California, there's a state park named "Montana de Oro." There Yamamoto first sketched the scene that would become this ethereal ceramic seascape. 

Montana de Oro, 6x8 Yoshiko Yamamoto Design Motawi Tile and Wood Frame

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