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"Grape-Seed Blossoms" is an original, unsigned miniature letterpress print by our production partner, Yoshiko Yamamoto. 


The matting is an archival white with the illustration floated with a 1/8” margin, hinged to a backing of the same archival matting. This allows the edges of the print to remain visible, not hidden beneath the matting. 


The wood frame is a modern 5/8" sloped Poplar, stained with a matte finish Waterwoods River Rock Tan. The outside frame size is approximately 10.75" x 10.” 


Yoshiko Yamamoto is a premier block printer who has merged the aesthetic of Japan's Edo period with the style of post-industrial England's Arts and Crafts Movement. Yamamoto's block prints are letterpress printed using hand-cut blocks on acid-free paper.


Letterpress printing is a relief print process. The printed image is produced by a raised surface (originally lead movable type) being inked and then impressed onto a sheet of paper. These raised surfaces have historically been anything from woodcuts to wood engravings, from linocuts to typefaces. Over the past several years, a new type of plate made from photopolymer has contributed to the revival of letterpress printing. Yoshiko Yamamoto uses all these methods, from wood and linoleum block to photopolymer plates.

Grape-Seed Blossoms, from Kamakura Vegetables Series, Miniature Letterpress Prin

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