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OUT OF PRINT.  As of this listing, we have what looks to be the last 3 of these tasty letterpress prints (Ed #s 158, 159, 160 / 280.) 


Sold framed only in a 3/4" ebonized (black-stained) walnut hardwood, acid-free matting and backing, UV filtering acrylic, and hanging hardware. Mat dimensions: 8.5x15"


Is there anyone who doesn’t love the fragrance of garlic sautéing in butter? Or freshly toasted garlic bread? Beyond being a favorite garnish (and keeping those nasty Vampires away), garlic also has numerous health benefits. 


Yoshiko Yamamoto expressed her love and appreciation for this noble herb by hand-carving each 4x10” color block of this letterpress print. The eye travels up the composition from the roots at the bottom, through the garlic bulbs, stem, and leaves (being discretely manicured by two ladybugs), up to the lavender and purple flowers in the top right corner. This print is a tribute to garlic and the artist's skills.

Garlic - Framed Yoshiko Yamamoto Signed and Numbered Lettepress Print

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