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California Green Business Program

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The Framer's Workshop — 2439 Channing Way, Berkeley, CA 94704
Phone: (510) 849–4444  |  Hours: Monday–Saturday: 10AM–6PM •  Sunday: Noon–6PM

First hour free parking above our shop in the Tellegraph-Channing Parking Garage
—except during CAL Game times.
Needlepoint framing Framing for the Bay Area
Since 1977

Your Needle Art Framing
Is In Good Hands
At The Framer's Workshop

Needlepoint framing
framing lace
Antique Lace with Fabric Mat, Larson-Juhl Gold Fillet and Gold Frame from the Senelar series.
Archival Framing of Needle Art

Needle art includes various kinds of thread or yarn designs sewn into a fabric background. We frame counted cross-stitch, needlepoint, lacework, embroidery, crewel, crochet, quilts, tapestry, rugs and samplers. Some of these pieces are precious family heirlooms and others are contemporary. Both have value and as this work represents an investment of both time and talent, we suggest the use of preservation framing techniques when it is time to display them. We are experts at needle art framing.

Laced Needlepoint
lacing needle art
Lacing the back of a needlepoint
with Pearl Cotton.
Professional Preservation Framing

We begin by choosing an attachment method suitable for each piece. We prefer to pin with stainless steel ballpoint pins or lace needlework with pearl cotton thread, but if we are working with a client on a budget, we can use stainless steel staples over a rigid acid-free backing. The disadvantage of using staples is the inevitability of some of the staples piercing through the canvas and causing wear and tear over time. When pinning or lacing by hand, we guide the needle between the holes in the canvas and avoid damage. All attachement methods are reversible.

Needle Art Protection

We recommend the use of ultraviolet protective glass or acrylic on all needle art. With exposure to UV light, these yarns will fade over time and without glazing, the tiny fibers in the piece will quickly accumulate soil from the atmosphere.  We also use either raised acid-free preservaton quality matting or spacers to separate the textile from the glass. This provides air circulation and helps to prevent condensation and future mold growth on the needlework. We also keep the glass away from the needlework in order to prevent crushing. 

laced needlepoint

Preparing Your Needle Art for Framing

Your work should be professionally cleaned as soon as it is completed to avoid future discoloration from oils transferred from your hands to the yarn. We suggest having your work blocked when you have it cleaned. This will save one step in the framing process and make for a much better result. Antique needle art may be too fragile for modern cleaning methods and we suggest the use of a conservator to evaluate and perform cleaning when necessary.

framed needlework embroidery framing
Needpoint in an Olive Wood Frame with Museum Glass® and Spacer Embroidery in a Floater Frame





We guarantee our work (and yours) for life

We will repair any defects in workmanship on any of our frames at any time. If any of our work needs repair, just bring it back to us, with our intact sticker on the back, and we will make the repair free of charge. Broken glass? Dropped your frame? No problem. Bring the frame back to us and we will charge you only for replacement materials. The labor is on us. This guarantee also applies to do-it-yourself full framing projects.

Needlepoint framing

Antique needlework framed with fabric covered liner and wood frame. Protected with Tru-Vue Museum Glass®

Archival needlepoint framing

Antique needlepoint in gold frame
with fabric scoop liner.
Protected with
Tru-Vue Museum Glass®

embroidery framing

Embroidery in floater frame (detail)
Floated organically with uneven edge naturally revealed

custom framing of rug

archival framing of rug

Hand sewing carpet to silk backing

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Stretching oversize canvas with staples

Stretching Oversize Canvas