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The Framer's Workshop - Custom & DIY Picture Framing,
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The Framer's Workshop > Picture Hanging & Earthquake Safety Hardware

The Framer's Workshop Hanging & Framing Hardware


Quake Hold Putty 1.2 Oz Tremor Hanger Package

Quake Hold Museum Putty: For securing valuables to shelves, it can also be used on the back, bottom two corners of a frame to help keep it lined up square on the wall. It comes in two sizes: 1.2 oz and 2.6 oz (best deal).

The Tremor Hanger will hold up to 75lbs. It is made of brass, comes with three pin nales (smaller holes in your wall) and the hook has a spring clip to prevent pictures from bouncing off during an earth quake.

A-Maze-ing Picture Hook Walldog Safety Hanger
The A-Maze-ing Picture Hook uses broad fastener blocks that are designed like a 'maze' to ketch the picture wire. This prevents it from coming out accidentally or during an eartquake. Package of 4 hanging blocks, 4 naills for hanging pictures of 12lbs or less, and 4 screws if you're hanging a mirror up to 100lbs.
The Walldog Safety Hager will hold up to 80lbs. (Ours are two-hole, unlike the one pictured above.) Package includes one hanger, two screws, and bumpons for the bottom two corners of your frame.
Apartment Hanging Kit Key Hole Hanging Kit
The Apartment Hanging Kit will hold up to 100lbs It consists of a foam backed wall attachment with built in level, fine nails to attach it to the wall and a bracket with scres that attaches to the back of your frame.
The Keyhole Hanging Kit is for plaques and frames with "keyhole" insets. It comes with a small level, 2 hole markers (for allingthing picture to the wall) and four keyhole hangers.