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The Framer's Workshop > Celebration Framing > Wedding Invitations, Photos & Annoiuncement Framing
Wedding Invitations, Photos &
Announcement Framing
The Secret Wedding Gift:

What's the one thing the happy couple may not buy for themselves? The gift they can instantly use as a reception display? A gift they will remember for years and can be passed on to their children? You may have guessed by now: A framed wedding invitation!

framed wedding invitation expert consultation and gorgeous design ideas. We'll custom frame it or help you with your do-it-yourself framing project. This is one gift the happy couple will always remember. Add a note to the outside of the package (we'll gift wrap it for you) that says, "Open me first!"

We're here to help you with all your wedding framing needs, from invitations to signature mats, to frames for those special photographs. We'll give you great ideas and help you preserve your memories.

Hand-Made Paper Invitation (left)

This lovely wedding invitation is made of hand-made paper with an actual blue died leaf embedded in the fibers and caligraphy with blue ink. We've floated it on a blue silk backing without a mat but with spacers to support the glass away from the delicate paper.

Framed Wedding Anouncement Gay Wedding Announcement Framing
The Wedding invitation to above was matted with a silk covered mat, floated on a dark chocolat acid free mat and framed with a detailed silver frame. Click the image for a larger view. We framed this handsome gay wedding invitationUsing a double mat, the bottom mat being a cutsom printed rainbow to match the ties.. We're here to help you find just the right design to commemorate the special occasion!
framed wedding invitation

Wedding Invitation with White Ribbon

The ribbon on this invitation made it quite three dimensional. We used a triple layer mat: The top layer mat is a hand-wrapped white silk, elevated to allow room for the depth of the bow. Below that is a reddish brown silk mat and beneath that is a bright white acid free mat. The frame is by Larson Juhl in European Silver.

Engaged couple make promises for their future. Framed with a silk fabric mat cut with stars, scraps of notebook paper floated on metallic matting, a Bella silver shimmery frame, Optium Museum Acrylic for clearest view and protection.

framed widding invitation

framed wedding invitation

Wedding Photograph in Nouveau Style
Mat and Frame

This lovely wedding photo is matted with a "Nouveau Pillar" three layer acid-free mat, and framed with a silver nouveau style moulding. The photo is protected with Tru-Vue Museum Glass. For more unusual mat designs see our Specialty Mats Page.

We're here to help you with all of your wedding framing needs, from invitations to signature mats, to frames for those special photographs. We'll give you great ideas and help you presrve your memories. See more matting shapes on our Specialty mat pages..

Celtic Wedding Invitation

This wedding invitation was decorated with a Celtic Knot motif so we chose a silver leafed frame with a linking pattern and repeated the reddish-brown undertone of the frame in the hand-wrapped silk mat, along with a golden silk undermat.

framed wedding invitation

framed weddig invitation

Wedding Invitation
With Hand Designed Mat Cut Outs
Underpainting & Glitter Frame

This unusual wedding invitation was designed by the bride and groom to blend the flags and national colors from their two native countries, Brazil and the United States. They wanted something unconventional, eye catching and decorative to frame their innovative design.

A metallic silver top mat was selected with a dark blue under mat for the two rectangular openings. A heart shape was cut into the mat to outline the design of the invitation. On each side of the mat is a scroll work cut out with a hand painted water color wash beneath, showing a gradient blend of the national colors. The frame itself is a glittering midnight blue.

Wedding Invitation With Three Opening Mat

The bride chose a casual wedding party photograph for this framed wedding momento using a sepia toned snap shot of the wedding party. We chose a brown matting to complement the phogograph and ink color, along with a gerometic Italian import Roma Moulding Baso series silver leaf frame with a burnished brown base. The top circular opening holds the solar wedding emblem from the envelope, which is seen again with its lunar counterpart in the invitation itself.


Wedding Photo
With Oval Double Mat and Scallop Mat

Wedding photos can be made into family treasures with the right framing. The above is only one example of the many types of Specialty Mats that we can cut for photographs. Photographs can also be printed on canvas and stretched for that "hand painted portrait" look.


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