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Art services

Art Services: Local Artists

This list is an admittedly biased collection of local talent. From time to time, we have the pleasure of helping these artists frame their work, and we invite you to visit their web sites to see a glimpse of their impressive collections.

F. Michael Wells:
We know him as "Mike." He's been the store manager at The Framer's Workshop for many years, but he is also a well established painter exploring the inherent beauty of "raw" paint.

raw paint
Thaw, 2005, 20" x 16", Oil on Rag Board
mounted to Aluminum, by F. Michael Wells
Private Collection, San Francisco, CA

Kristen Jensen
Kristen's paintings explore both abstract and figurative themes, with a focus on the interplay between light and texture. Her images are built up from an under-painting of liquid acrylic, with thicker paints added for depth and texture, and washes of the liquid acrylics to finish the painting. We have the pleasure of seeing her work regularly in our shop.

Bill Cone
Bill is a Plein Air style painter with an extraordinary range of talent. We have had the pleasure of healping him with frames for his beautiful work. "I work as a Production Designer at a computer animation studio. I've been painting outdoors for over 10 years. I manage to exhibit somewhere on an annual basis, most often at the Sonoma Plein Air event."

Robin Kibby
"I explore urban architectural themes in my artwork. I am fascinated by both iconic elements, such as utility pipes, poles, and conduits, as well as the broad perspective. Most paintings start when I am walking or riding through town, and am charmed by the way a tangle of wire or maze of cement comes together. This moment turns into photos, sketches, and eventually a painting" Be sure to check out Robin'a Blog for her latest news and photos of her work!

Mindy Joseph:
Mindy divides her time between her home on Gabriola Island in British Columbia and her travels to other islands around the world. Her pastels and oil paintings revel in her personal exploration of form, color, energy and space.

Collette Denton is a masterful artist whose work is included in exhibitions around the world. Her paintings and prints feature images of animals who are dispossessed, excluded, and considered “throwaway” by many in our society.

Steve Lefkowitz:
Steve is a talented landscape and nature photographer. His most recent body of work centers on coastal Marin, and the flora and fauna of Mt. Tam and Point Reyes. You can view his stunning photographs on his Pacific Landscapes and Marin Images web sites.. His work was recently on the cover of Marin Magazine.

Dallas Hyatt:
Dallas Hyatt is a contemporary photographer from San Francisco. Focusing on abstract images and reflections, his work captures urban and natural settings in uncommon detail. Dallas has just finished a year-long photo-a-day project. We recently framed a collection of Dallas Hyatt’s work for the offices of Philo Television in San Francisco. You’ll see the world through different eyes after you see his photographs.

Caroline Lovell:
Caroline Lovell, a working professionally trained photographer, focuses on how working on a intuitive creative level can draw out depth of the subject matter and bring awareness and understanding to the work. Caroline is proficient in traditional black and white film and darkroom techniques, as well as color and  digital processes. We have enjoyed framing her work for years.

Sylvia Sussman:
Sylvia Sussman's paintings play and work with the spaces created by the horizon, or its absence: by the sky; the weather; the earth and its expanse, its curvature, its fecundity; the water, its movement, its colors; by light manifested in atmosphere; by the landscape's presence, its fullness and its emptiness. Her works have been shown in various public and private spaces.

Alex White:
Alex White specializes in contemporary landscapes in acrylic and pastel.
Drawing inspiration from the natural beauty of the land, she transforms each image
into a unique and exquisite expression of color and light. We recently framed her work for an exhibition at a prominent Napa Valley gallery.

Russ Osterweil:
Russ Osterweil is an award-winning photographer who uses his camera to explore his own humanity and express his personal sense of grace, by examining the mysterious internal beauty, struggle, humor, irony, strength and vulnerability of others and our environment.

Jeffrey Sulley:
Jeffrey Sully paints colorful abstract works on uniquely shaped canvases. His explorations develop through layers of paint, resulting in rich "archeological" surfaces.

Wanda Westberg:
Wanda Westberg has established a reputation as one of the Bay Area's fine traditional plein-air landscape painters. Growing up in the Midwest with its unpredictable weather and changeable seasons, she is content to paint outdoors. Continuing in the tradition of the early California impressionists, she captures the fleeting moods of color and light of familiar northern California.

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