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Yosikho Yamamoto Block Prints

Don't Miss our May, 2016, 20% OFF "The Berkeley Rose Garden" print and framing sale!

Yoshiko Yamamoto is one of the premier block printers in the Arts and Crafts style. Yamamoto's block prints are letterpress printed using hand cut blocks on acid free paper.

The Framer's Workshop carries all of the available, in-print Yamamoto editions, as well as a few out-of-print images. Scroll down to see framed versions of the Yamamoto prints we have in stock. Note that some are out of print and nearly out of stock. Click the thumbnails, to see a larger version and purchase on line.

See our Archive of out of print editions, and our Selection of Yoshiko Yamamoto Motawi Tiles.

NEW: Kale Flower NEW: Crow & Persimmons


Mt. Rainer White Pass Tea Blossoms

May 2016 The Berkeley Rose Gartden Sale! 20% OFF

This month, as the Berkeley Rose Garden hits full bloom on Mother's Day, we lament the loss of the Berkeley Rose Garden Pergola. The curving redwood trellis, originally designed by Bernard Maybeck, final design and execution by landscape architect Vernon M. Dean, has crowned the Berkeley Rose Garden  amphitheater since its opening in 1937. According to the Berkeley Architecrual Heritage Association (BAHA), The City of Berkeley will dismantle the Pergola this year but, citing budget restrictions, won't rebuild it before 2019. BAHA is raising funds to help rebuild the trellis.

In 2007, we commissioned Yoshiko Yamamoto to created our 30th Anniversary Celebration poster featuring the Rose Garden Pergola. This month we're offering this limited edition print for sale, 20% OFF both the signed and unsigned versions. We're also offering 20% Off Do-It-Yourself or Custom framing of the print.

Signed and Unsigned, Framed and Unframed. Select from our pre-designed framing options (below) OR purchase the print in our shop and we'll give you 20% OFF your choice of Custom OR Do-It-Yourself framing. (Offer excludes ready made frames.)

The Berkeley Rose Garden by Yoshiko YamamotoComissioned for our 30th Anniversary
The Berkeley Rose Garden Print

The Berkeley Rose Garden Framing Option 1Framing Option 1

The Berkeley Rose Garden Framing Option 2Framing Option 2

The Berkeley Rose Garden Framing Option 3Framing Option 3

The Berkeley Rose Garden Framing Option 4
Framing Option 4

Mt. Reiner White Pass Kale Flower Crow & Persimmons
Yoshiko Yamamoto "When Poppies Bloom," Signed and Numbered Limited Edition Letterpress Print, Framed in a Dard Hunter Frame Crabapples Framed Magnolias Framed
Yoshiko Yamamoto Triptych "When Poppies Bloom" Crabapples Magnolias
Yoshiko Yamamoto "Sheep" Singed and Numbered Limited Edition Ltter Press Print Peace Lanterns by Yoshiko Yamamoto Yoshiko Yamamoto Chickadees I Yoshiko Yamamoto Chickadees II
NEW! Sheep
Peace Lanterns Chickadees I
Chickadees II
Yoshiko Yamamoto "Snail & Mount Fuji" Yoshiko Yamamoto Snale & Mount Fuji Summer Oaks Sunset by Yoshiko Yamamoto Summer Oaks Morning by Yoshiko Yamamoto
Snail & Mount Fuji
With "Water Fall" Mat

Snail & Mount Fuji

Summer Oaks Sunset

Summer Oaks Morning

Colvos Pasage Late Summer by Yoshiko Yamamoto Yoshiko Yamamoto "The Kindness of Ravens" Yoshiko Yamamoto Triptych: Carmel Coast Sunrise  
Colvos Passage Late Summer
The Kindness of Ravens
Carmel Coast Sunrise (Triptych)  
Wisdom of the Trees Series
"Wisdom Trees" was commissioned by American Bungalow Magazine during the four seasons of 2012. "Cherry" for spring, "Mighty Oaks" for summer,  "Apple Trees" for autumn, and, "Pines" for winter. The prints are $75 each. Click the thumnail for a larger view.
Cherry BLossoms Print by Yoshiko Yamamoto Framed in a Dard Hunter Frame Mighty Oaks Print by Yoshiko Yamamoto framed in a Dard Hunter Frame Apple Trees Print by Yoshiko Yamamoto framed in a Dard Hunter Frame  
Cherry Blossoms Mighty Oaks Apple Trees  
Older Prints by Yoshiko Yamamoto
Tulip Filed Morning and Tulip Field Sunset Kayacking Glacier Bay Print by Yoshiko Yamamoto Framed Yoshiko Yamamoto "Windswept Cypress" Yoshiko Yamamoto Black Bear Block Print Framed
Tulip Field Morning
Tulip Field Sunset
Kayaking Glacier Bay

Windswept Cypress

Black Bear
Westeria Pergola Yoshiko Yamamoto Grapes Yoshiko Yamamoto "Summer Lanters"
Wisteria Pergola The Gamble House Dusk Grapes Summer Lanterns
Yoshiko Yamamoto Fir Branch Yoshiko Yamamoto "Wisteria" Yoshiko Yamamoto "Poppies" Tortoise and Hare by Yoshiko Yamamoto Framed
Fir Branch

Circle Wisteria
Out of Print! One Remaining!

Circle Poppy
Out of Print! One Remaining!

Tortoise and Hare

Yoshiko Yamamoto "Lavender" Yoshiko Yamamoto "Garlic" Yoshiko Yamamoto Eucalyptus Hills Yoshiko Yamamoto "Apple Blossoms"
Garlic Eucalyptus Hills Apple Blossoms
Yoshiko Yamamoto Blackberries Yoshiko Yamamoto "Dancing Rabbit" Yoshiko Yamamoto "Mice" Yoshiko Yamamot "Dragon Fly"
Blackberries Dancing Rabbit Mice Dragonfly
Out of Print / One Remaining
Sold Framed Only
Yoshiko Yamamoto "Wild Grapes" Yoshiko Yamamoto "Tomatoes" Yoshiko Yamamoto "Pumpkin Patch" Yoshiko Yamamoto "Tangarine"
Wild Grapes Tomatoes Pumpkin Patch Tangerines
Yoshiko Yamamoto "Black Birds"      

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